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Jill Morton


My painting is an intuitive journey to a much happier and energized self.  As I paint I let go to connect with my creative pulse.  On the canvas I am able to move freely as I play with color, mark-making and texture, using acrylics and drawing materials.  What comes out is raw, honest and abstract—and is a response to experiences with people, nature, or places.  I want to share my colorful paintings with the world to enliven and create joy.  


About Me

Jill Painting Pink Shirt.jpg

I begin a painting by intuitively choosing a color palette and mixing.  My energy builds through this process and I decide on a canvas size.  I use quick body movements and marks to help set the compositional stage.  I load up my palette knives and brushes with acrylic paints and push them around which helps guide the direction I am going in.  


My process is a combination of strong emotions and interpreting responses to the marks I have made in front of me.  This dialogue continues until I am satisfied the painting is working as a whole and I really like it.      


Jill Morton is an abstract expressionist artist. She grew up in Australia and left there in her twenties to pursue travel and art.  Jill studied clay in Europe and textiles in Asia.  Later she ended up pursuing an art education in the U.S.  In New York City she obtained a B.F.A. in painting from the School of Visual Arts and two Master’s Degrees, one in art and one in art education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

She resides in Connecticut where she previously taught children’s art for 23 years in public school.  Jill maintains a studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  She has exhibited in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Her works reside in private collections across the U.S.       

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