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This work is a 36x36 acrylic on canvas and is available. The painting is about my constant walks that I take locally here in Connecticut.  The title references my constant awe of nature where I gain inspiration.  I particularly love flowers, planted or wild ones. So I'm hoping you will tread carefully on your hikes and find joy in the discovery of planted and wild flowers whereever that may be.

Tread Carefully

  • Shipping of product is extra. Please contact me for a quote. If overseas, please note most paintings will be sent rolled and you will be responsible for stretching and framing.

    Wrapped by artist. Shipping carrier either FedEx or UPS if within the United States. If overseas DHL is the carrier.

  • 36x36x1.5 inches

    acrylic paint on cotton canvas

    stretched on wooden bars

    nature inspired


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